User Policy pewag academy

1. Introduction, Definitions

  1. Operator: pewag austria GmbH (pewag) operates this learning platform under the URL, based on a closed user group secured by username and password, named pewag academy.

  2. User: Users are members staff members and customers of pewag who have received valid credentials to access the e-learning services pewag academy.

  3. This User Policy was created by pewag and is valid between the individual user and pewag as agreed.

  4. pewag austria GmbH is used to support courses in electronic form (e-learning) and the cooperation of users.

  5. On the pewag academy learning platform teaching ressources and activities are provided, to which the user is granted access by accepting this user policy.

  6. It is the responsibility of the user, to comply with the terms of use of pewag academy.

  7. pewag academy personal profile user data (such as name and email address) are visible for all users inside the platform, with the purpose of promoting cooperation. The user data represents the currently valid user information as available to pewag academy.

2. Temporal scope of this User Policy

  1. The regulations come into effect for the users as soon as he/she is authenticated for the first time in pewag academy joining the closed user group and acceptance the terms of use.

  2. Resulting from the points 4, 6, 7 and 8 obligations of users remain intact even after the loss of the right to use the platform (e.g. completion of the course, staff leaving pewag).

  3. This User Policy is valid until revoked.

3. Jurisdiction

  1. pewag is responsible for providing the learning management system and responsible for organizational arrangements (e.g. maintenance) and the technical support. Support can be contacted via

  2. The respective course manager (teacher / subject matter expert / content provider) is responsible and accountable for the contents (teaching materials, ressources, activities, links,...) of a course.

4. Access

  1. The user receives a user name and a password to access and use pewag academy when entering a relationship (customers, staff, ...) with pewag (see point 1 b).

  2. The user agrees to not pass his/her access credentials to third parties and to protect them against abuse.

  3. If the user discovers or suspects the misuse of his/her credentiuals he/she is obliged to report this fact immediately to

5. Use authorization

  1. All users stated in point 1 b are entitled to use the platform.

  2. The use authorization includes personal access to and personal use of information,teaching materials and communication facilities according to the granted / acquired permissions.

6. Content of the learning management system

  1. The user is obliged to comply with the legislation. The user bear sole and full responsibility for material / content created created and / or uploaded by him/her.

  2. As examples may be cited to point 6:
    Section 1: Insultig other users is prohibited.
    Section 2: Providing illegal content, pornographic or other content offending good morals is prohibited.
    Section 3: intellectual property rights of third parties (including trade marks, copyright and moral rights) are to be respected.
    Section 4: It is strictly prohibited for the user to use the learning management system for commercial purposes of any kind without the expressed written consent of pewag.
    Section 5: The learning management system is primarily used to support learning, therefore, disruptive behavior (e.g. the exchange of exercise solutions or exams) is prohibited.

  3. The users must not upload viruses, send chain emails or unsolicited e-mail advertisements (spam). It is also forbidden to use malicious software of any kind in the learning management system.

  4. The use of the contents is at the user's own risk.

  5. pewag is not obliged to make postings as well as comments submitted to the user available on the learning management system, especially not in an obvious violation of the above sub-items a to c.

  6. The user grants the operators of courses (teachers) and the system administrator of a pewag academy the right to remove submitted items violating the above sub-items a to c.

  7. Teachers admit the students inside a course the right to use the content provided in pewag academy for personal use (authorization to use).

  8. Intellectual properties of users, which were uploaded in pewag academy may be maintained permanently as a basis for evaluation / grading.

  9. The user agrees to keep pewag indemnified and held harmless against third parties in case of violation of applicable laws by the user.

7. Copyright

  1. Each user of pewag austria GmbH expressly approves to comply with applicable copyright laws. In particular for content the user does own the necessary copyrights. The following is prohibited:
    Section 1: The production of copies of all kinds (in written or electronic form) of teaching materials and content, no matter what form, except for personal use within the respective course.
    Section 2: The publication of teaching materials and content of any kind (e.g. providing download (hosting) outside the learning management system).
    Section 3: The use of the provided teaching materials for commercial purposes.

  2. The use of references to teaching materials of the learning management system is permitted in the context of a course with an accurate quote. The source has to be quoted as pewag academy course title teacher or author, and the exact URL of the cited page and the date.
    (e.g: Source: pewag academy, course 123.456 Moodle Law, Dr. Doe, http:// ...,DD.MM.YYYY)

  3. This user policy is a copyrighted work. Use by third parties without written permission of the author is expressly prohibited.

8. Consequences for breaching the terms of use

  1. A violation of the terms of use may in addition to any criminal and civil penalties, lead to the withdrawal of the authorization to use the learning management system pewag austria GmbH.

9. Hyperlinks (§ 17 ECG)

  1. pewag is not responsible for external information (Third Party Content), by means of a hyperlink as part of the learning management system.

  2. If the system administrator of the learning management system obtains knowledge of illegal activity or information in the context of linked third-party content, the link will be removed immediately.

  3. If for pewag in relation to claims for damages facts or circumstances arise that make the illegal activity or information in the context of linked third-party content seem obvious, the link in question will be removed immediately.

10. Limitations of Liability

  1. pewag does not guarantee that the learning management system works continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), uninterrupted or error-free, and that errors are corrected.

  2. pewag disclaims liability for the correctness and legality of the teaching materials and content provided by users See points 6 and 7 of these regulations.

  3. pewag disclaims liability for service disruptions and damage to the users hardware or software. This includes any damage accidentally or as a consequence of the use of the learning management system. pewag disclaims liability for any loss of information or delays in the completion of courses in the event of any kind of technical problems with the learning management system.

11. Data collection / data analysis

  1. The data associated with the use of the learning management will be processed solely in the framework necessary for the operation and technical organisation of the learning management system.

  2. pewag and all users are obliged to comply with the applicable data protection law.

  3. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties.

12. Changes and additions in the user policy

  1. A modification or extension of this user policy may be undertaken by pewag at any time.

  2. In case of an amendment or supplement to this user policy the users recieves an electronic message giving him/her the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the new user regulations, and he/she is prompted to accept the new user regulations.

  3. If the user does not accept the new user policy he/she can no longer access the learning management system.

13. Severability

  1. If sections or individual formulations of this text are not, or no longer or not completely correct the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

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